Welcome to all riders

Ogevkinbike insists on originality

In everything we make, say, and do, we’re authentic, welcoming, honest, and bold. There’s no ego or pretense here. We’re all about giving everyone the freedom to get out and enjoy the ride. We do what’s right and we have fun.

We don't want to be tied to a rulebook, we seek the best road, even if it's rocky. We brought innovation to the cycling industry while repeating tests over and over again, researching the latest materials and technologies, ergonomic designs, and more.

Our Story

OGEVKIN was founded in 2018 by OG and his group of cycling enthusiasts from the US, Germany, Italy, UK and China. the story of OGEVKIN actually started in early 2013 when OG joined a local cycling club while studying in the UK. since then he loved the sport and when he returned home he was tired of the uninteresting life at work and he decided to make a OG started to OEM carbon fiber components for some overseas bicycle brands in 2013. After five years of OEM manufacturing experience, the OGEVKIN team decided to create their own brand, OGEVKIN, a brand focused on carbon fiber bicycle development, manufacturing and a global distribution channel based on e-commerce, with the goal of providing professional cyclists and cyclists worldwide with high quality carbon fiber bicycle components and the best customer experience.

OGEVKIN represents a healthy life style and spirit of challenging yourself, pursuing freedom and progress.

Our Mission:

OGEVKIN cycling boutique passionately pursue advanced, innovative technologies that help cyclists of all abilities find more enjoyment in their cycling experience.